Welton Adonis
1998, 16.0 hh Bay 15/16 TB, 8.5" bone
Welton Adonis competed in the 2012 Paraolympic Dressage
Competition with Mexican rider Maria Fernanda Otheguy
Gonzalez, showing his marvellous temperament and rideability!
How many horses have the temperament to handle the electric
atmosphere at Greenwich, let alone handle it with a paraolympic

Welton Adonis has an excellent attitude to work, good looks,
and a superb temperament. He began his competitive career in
the late fall of 2004 with Matthew Wright. He did several events
at Pre-Novice level, was placed, and never had a cross-country

He passes on his lovely conformation, attitude, and movement;
at the Welton Stud show at Hartpury, Adonis' youngstock swept
the youngest classes.

Video available of him schooling cross country with rider
Matthew Wright, showing his calm attitude, lovely movement,
and good form over fences.