The full stallion roster is listed below, last updated May 1, 2023. Please note that UK prices are not applicable in North America and that you should use the contracts provided on this website to purchase your semen if you are shipping to USA or Canada. Canadian clients should contact me before procuring import permits so correct information can be used.

StallionContract PricePrice per DosePrice per Straw
Arko IIIN/AUS$1100N/A
Big StarUS$3300US$1100
Billy CongoUS$1600US$625
Britannia RoyalUS$1000 NFFR*
Britannia’s MailUS$1000
Catherston LiberatorUS$700
Cevin ZUS$1600US$625
Dutch GoldUS$800
Fleetwater OppositionCALL
Future GravitasUS$1600US$750
Future Guilty PleasureUS$1800US$850
Future HepsilonUS$1600US$750
Future IllusionN/AUS$750
Future ProphecyUS$1600US$750
Je T’aime FlamencoUS$1400 LFG
LegrandeUS $1500US$750
Littledale Bright StarUS$500
Menai Cardi Llwyd
Murka’s GemUS$1100
Party TrickUS$1000
Philanderer IIUS$850
Primmore’s PioneerUS$700
Ramiro BUS$1100 NFNF**
Russel IIUS$400
Up With the LarkUS$750
Wayland CranberryUS$350
Welton Double CrackerUS$500
Weston JusticeUS$750
* No Foal Free Return ** No Foal No Fee (No Stud Fee)
All other “Contracts” are live foal guarantee contracts with a maximum of three doses per contract. A “LFG” is a live foal guarantee contract with unlimited semen provided (at one dose per cycle).